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1, the goods to the site warranty period of 18 months (three bags) repair, return, replacement. Warranty period calculated from the date of installation.

2, equipment problems during the warranty period as the seller is responsible for their equipment to provide free replacement and repair, and to ensure that two hours to restore the system to normal operation; After the warranty expires, the seller still guarantee the speed and quality of service during the warranty period, but the expense of the buyer commitments.

3, the seller shall receive notice of the buyer to send the equipment in need of repair within 24 hours of experienced technical personnel rushed to the scene equipment maintenance. Maintenance costs during the warranty period due to manufacturing quality reasons borne by the seller, due to design problems or reasons for non-normal operation borne by the buyer, seller to ensure the maintenance after the expiry buy buy pay the cost.

4, the warranty period, the seller due to quality problems unconditional service to the site can be negotiated to replace the actual situation.

5, the seller is responsible for the product on-site installation and commissioning, responsible for the maintenance of life.

6, the seller is responsible for free on-site technical training, and to send technical personnel to assist in debugging.

7, the seller after the warranty period may also provide on-site maintenance services, according to the standard fee charged by the vulnerability, call it a day when no fee.

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