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ANSI Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve
This valve is ideal for shutting off and controlling the flow of pipeline, is wide installed in any selected position and used in various kind of the industries of petroleum processing, chemicals, water supply and sewage, medicine, metallurgy, electric power, building, energy engineering and so on.

ANSI Ductile Iron Gate Valve
ANSI Ductile Iron Gate Valve Specification ANSI Ductile Iron Gate Valve Application
Bolted Bonnet; Outside Screw & Yoke
Rising Stem;Solid Wedge
Design Standard: MSS  SP-70
Face to Face: ANSI  B16.10
Working Temp: 100 °C
Working Pressure: PN10 or PN16
Suitable Media: Water,Steam,Oil ect. 
Not recommended for Steam Service.
Caution: FREEZING WEATHER PRECAUTION - Subsequent to testing a piping system,Non Rising Stem gate valve should be left in an open position to allow complete drainage.

Non Rising Stem Gate Valve Materials
No Part Name Materials
1 Body ASTM A126A(B) GG20 GG25
2 Seat Ring ASTM B36/B62,SS410 Brass,Bronze
3 Wedge Ring ASTM B36 Brass
4 Wedge ASTM A126A(B) GG20 GG25
5 Bolt A216 WCB GS-C25
6 Nut A216 WCB GS-C25
7 Washer A216 WCB GS-C25
8 Bonnet Gasket Grapihte Graphite
9 Packing Grapihte Graphite
10 Bolt A216 WCB GS-C25
11 Gland ASTM A126A(B) GG20 GG25
12 Washer A216 WCB GS-C25
13 Nut A216 WCB GS-C25
14 Bonnet ASTM A126A(B) GG20 GG25
15 Yoke Nut ASTM B36 Brass
16 Nut A216 WCB GS-C25
17 Handwheel ASTM A126B GG25
18 Stem SS410 X10Cr13
Dimensions( ANSI B16.1 Flange drilling)


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