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Target illumination vision is "a world brand", the process of internationalization is also progressing steadily


Birmingham International Consumer Goods Fair Fall September 2, the lighting professional CEO Wu Changjiang personally participating merchants Recommend to the companys brand NVC, so passing the companys booth Chinese media reporters shouted accident. Lighting is one of the day to attend the opening of the "China brand products in Europe Exhibition" hundreds of Chinese companies, however, is different from other companies, which in 2007 through the acquisition of local companies home in Birmingham, now in the UK lighting industry has been regarded as well-known companies. "At the time NVC market share in the UK is very small, a lot of people are not optimistic about our acquisition, through these years of operation and adhere to, sales increased rapidly, the number of employees from more than 20 extended to about 110 people." Wu Changjiang the newspaper said, "This model is successful, and now we hope in France, Germany, also used this model to promote their own brands."

New England debut NVC LED into the development of new engines

Lighting participate in this exhibition, in addition to showing brand featuring the latest LED products become the focus of the show, creating high-quality China has attracted the attention of many overseas visitors and inquiries. Currently, LED lighting business has become the future development of the core engine, from traditional lighting to LED lighting transformation process, NVC has taken a crucial step. According to the lighting just released 2013 first-half results reported in the first half of this year, LED lighting business has made remarkable achievements in the first half sales rose 233.9 percent. May 2010, when the lighting as the largest supplier of lighting equipment listed in Hong Kong, is still a traditional lighting companies, LED products accounted for only 2% of the total revenue of NVC.

For such rapid development, can not help but ask: What is the reason for the rapid development of NVC LED is?

Long before the development of LED lighting industry in full swing, the lighting was set up in Shanghai Pudong electric light research center dedicated to research and attention to the development of LED, LED lighting technology with sophisticated, quality products, and cost can be accepted by the majority of consumers, lighting rapid transformation, a strategic partnership with the worlds fourth largest renowned Cree LED chip companies; 2012, lighting has joined forces with BDO Runda, fully integrated LED upstream resources, greatly accelerated the pace of the transition to the LED lighting to achieve a perfect counter-attack. Recently, BDO Runda lighting and set up a joint venture company engaged in the business of LED packaging company in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, the illumination LED lighting mastered the field of discourse

Accelerate overseas expansion respected brands in the world would do

Lighting in 2007, entered the British market, the establishment of a branch, has begun to roll out its own brand marketing strategy in the UK market. 2012, lighting increased investment, the UK branch (NVC UK) in a total of 91,000 square feet of Birmingham New Premises declared officially opened, set design, development and production and other functions into one, showing that NVC in Britain localization company continues to mature. NVC UK has achieved a turnover of several hundred times the growth in the UK has become a well-known lighting companies. Therefore, from this perspective, lighting can say is the identity of local companies participated in the exhibition.

NVC UKs success on the international road lighting fumble return on years of hard work, but also for overseas road lighting adds more confidence. Lighting will replicate the successful experience of the UK market in the world, full lighting accelerate expansion in overseas markets. In July 2013, becoming an official partner of FINA lighting, the lighting usher in a new opportunity to expand overseas again. After signing with FINA, lighting the scene is still formally signed French distributor, fully into the French market. This is the second successful expansion of NVC UK, lighting another challenge in the European market.

Target illumination vision is "a world brand", the process of internationalization is also progressing steadily, in the process, the development of LED business is bound to play a far-reaching impact. Now, NVC proposed "second pioneering" slogan, the first venture allows NVC has become "Chinas NVC", is the second venture will be the achievement of a "world of NVC," Let us wait and see.

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